Safe Neighborhoods  


How Safe Is Your Neighborhood ?

What constitutes a "safe" neighborhood? To business owners, it may mean
cops in a roving police cruiser who will disperse troublemakers or shine a light into
storefront windows after hours. To the elderly, it may mean a prompt,
efficient 911 system. To parents, it may mean an involved, aware community
of friends and neighbors who'll reprimand speeders at school intersections
or keep an eye on their kids as they walk home from the school bus. I
think it's all of these things and more.

As your city councillor, it's my responsibility to help keep Medford's
neighborhoods safe-a task that might require adding police to the force,
keeping a firehouse open, or helping city advocates launch a campaign to
beautify the city.

However, doing this is not easy. Councillors often have to walk the fine
line between serving constituents while working within the twisting confines
of a shrinking city budget. We have to act at various times as accountants, diplomats,
secretaries, and fortune tellers just to get the job done.

At the moment, it appears that our city will be confronted with additional local aid cuts,which
could further draw down an already reduced complement of police officers. There is ,as well, a noticeable
and disturbing decline in the number of active neighborhood watch groups. Now, more than ever, neighborhood safety issues must become
a central priority for all those who live and work in our city.

Some of my own initiatives that would help to maintain or improve neighborhood
safety might include reducing and removing graffiti, expanding community policing
and extending the reach of D.A.R.E ,the drug abuse resistance education program, into the neighborhoods.

For their part, residents must become vigorously pro-active in alerting city leaders
to their concerns and imperatives, as well as issues that are relevant to their neighborhood.
These initiatives will require a sense of common purpose and, to that point, I urge you to keep
in mind that an engaged community is an empowered community

Working together , we can craft thoughtful, achievable solutions to help make all
neighborhoods safer and more secure and ultimately make Medford a city in which
we can all be proud.

Whether you are a resident or a business owner or both, I urge you to reach out to me by going
to my web-site and e-mail me your thoughts about how to improve safety in our neighborhoods. Type
in WWW.MARKSFORMEDFORD.COM and click on "contact Michael" mention your neighborhood
and any thoughts on the following:

1) Do you consider your neighborhood safe ?
Why or Why not ?

2) Do you feel your legislators and community leaders are adequately addressing safety concerns ?
Why or Why not ?

3) If you had a magic wand what would you do to improve safety in your neighborhood ?

Those who don't have e-mail access may write me at 37 Wellington Rd Medford, Ma 02155 or
phone me at (781)396-5387